Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care Reform

Having been consistently declined for coverage over the past ten years -- it's rather obvious how I would want my representatives to vote on this one.

There simply is no reason for a private insurer to take an unacceptable risk on anybody unless they have to.

And mandating such coverage seems similar to all the other government mandates that require businesses to provide safe working conditions and safe products -- all stuff that apparently lies outside the wild-west ideology that captivates so many Americans.

The argument that the current program is being precipitously rammed down the country's throat forgets that this issue has been on the table since Clinton's first term when the insurance industry killed it.

In the meantime, Republicans have held both the presidency and majorities in both houses, but no alternative programs were ever approved.

Not that this bill is perfect -- or even could be -- but it's the right step to take at this time.

And much more remains to be done -- beginning with tort reform and finding other incentives for quality performance.