Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 - March Primary (Democratic)

One last mailer, on the weekend of the election, has helped me make some choices in several contests.

It's a cooperative effort among many candidates, including Chris Welch.

Since his mis-behavior as a public official is a matter of public record (as explained below), his endorsement by all the other candidates listed on the flyer is serious mark against their sincere interest in public service.

So they have made my job a lot easier.


U.S. Representative: 7th District

Jacques A. Conway
Danny K. Davis

I might just sit this one out.

Davis is so complacent, he hasn't yet changed his campaign website from the February 2010 primary.

While Conway seems to be in over his head. He recently resigned his elected position on the Oak Park school board because he was too busy with personal matters -- but now he wants to run for Congress?

And apparently he's still too busy to make his own campaign website.

State Representative : 7th District

Emanuel "Chris" Welch
Princess C. Dempsey
Beyonca Johnson
Rory Hoskins

Some relevant journalism:

Here's the report of Welch using the Proviso 90 School District funds (he's been chairman of the board) to defend himself from a lawsuit for libelous statements published on an anonymous blog that was proven to be his.

And here's the report regarding the aftermath of a relationship he had with a school district employee, Beyonca Johnson, whom he fired after they broke up and who is now running against him in this election.

Sounds like Welch and Johnson should be in the Jerry Springer show, not the Illinois state house.

Princess Dempsey still seems to be all about herself.

Hoskins served admirably on the Forest Park city council, providing an alternative to the voice of the majority. I'm voting for him.

This campaign has featured many mailings, and I don't want to know where all the cash came from to pay for them.

But the above is the most pathetic - as Welch compares himself to Barack Obama, suggesting that an endorsement might run in both directions.

Here's the flip side of the above mailing, with the list of who actually has endorsed Chris Welch.

The various suburban mayors and teachers unions like to trade favors, but why is the Sierra Club endorsing a candidate who has a negligable record on the environment and a damning record otherwise ?

And it's interesting to find two Cook County Commissioners, Earlean Collins and Jeff Tobolski on the list.

I won't be voting for them anytime soon.

Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Vote For 3

Stella B. Black
Debra Shore Democratic -- NO
Kari K. Steele Democratic --- NO
Patrick Daley Thompson Democratic
Patricia Young Democratic
Patricia Horton


Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County
Dorothy A. Brown Democratic
Ricardo Munoz


Judge, Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District (Vacancy of Cahill)

Pamela E. Hill-Veal Democratic 111
Mathias William Delort Democratic 112 --- NO
Kay Marie Hanlon Democratic 113
Mary Brigid Hayes Democratic 114 -- YES
James Michael McGing Democratic 115
Laura Marie Sullivan Democratic 116

Judge, Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District (Vacancy of Johnson Coleman)

Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse, Jr. Democratic 117 -- YES
Kathleen G. Kennedy Democratic 118

Judge, Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District (Vacancy of Gallagher)

Patrick J. Sherlock Democratic 119
P. Scott Neville, Jr. Democratic 120 --- NO
Marguerite Anne Quinn Democratic 121

Judge, Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District (Vacancy of O'Brien)

Jesse G. Reyes Democratic 122 --- NO
Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia Democratic 123
William Stewart Boyd Democratic 124 --- yes
Ellen L. Flannigan Democratic 125 ---- no
Don R. Sampen Democratic 126

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Conlon)

Karen Lynn O'Malley Democratic 141 -- YES
Jo Anne Hopson Guillemette Democratic 142 --- no
Stanley L. Hill, Sr. Democratic 143 -- NO

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Kirie Kinnaird)

Kevin Cunningham Democratic 145 -- YES
Erica L. Reddick Democratic 146 -- NO

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Moran)
Vote For 1

Russell W. Hartigan Democratic 147

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of O'Brien, Jr.)
Vote For 1

Cynthia Ramirez Democratic 149
Gerald V. Cleary Democratic 150 --- yes

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of O'Mara Frossard)

Nichole C. Patton Democratic 151
Kevin W. Horan Democratic 152 ---- yes
Diann Karen Marsalek Democratic 153
Rodrick F. Wimberly Democratic 154

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Pucinski)

Edward J. Maloney Democratic 156 --- yes
Lorna Ellen Propes Democratic 157 -- NO

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Simmons, Jr.)

Michael A. Forti Democratic 158
Jessica A. O'Brien Democratic 159 -- yes
James A. Wright Democratic 160

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Stewart)

Pamela M. Leeming Democratic 161 --- yes
Terrence M Jordan Democratic 162
Deidre Baumann Democratic 163
Mary Margaret Burke Democratic 164
Sammy W. Lacey Jr. Democratic 165
Rhonda Sallee Democratic 166
Steve Demitro Democratic 167

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit (Vacancy of Ward)

Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. Democratic 169
Denise Marie Nalley Democratic 170 --- no
Elizabeth Mary Hayes Democratic 171 --- no
Joan Marie Kubalanza Democratic 172
Peter J. Vilkelis Democratic 173 -- yes
Brian J. Stephenson

Judge, 7th Subcircuit (Vacancy of Toney)

Arthur P. Wheatley Democratic 187 --- yes
Mable Taylor Democratic 188
Kimberly D. Lewis Democratic 189
Mark Battaglia Democratic 190