Thursday, December 13, 2007

Presidential Primaries

It's time for this voter to weigh in on Presidential primaries.

It's possible that Iraq would have descended into civil sectarian war whether or not the U.S. had invaded it - and whether the U.S. has disbanded its national army or not --- but right now -- it sure looks like a disaster -- and the Republican party is responsible for it.

It might still make sense to support the sectarian wing of the Republican party against the Christian true-believers -- but I think the whole party needs to spend some time in the penalty box to contemplate the consequences of their poor judgment.

So I'm only going to be considering Democratic candidates today.

Every primary has two separate issues:

1. Who is more electable

2. Who could do a better job once elected

Regarding the first question - I'm not very confidant. Which candidate would have the broadest appeal ? Since Americans elected W the last around -- despite his deceit and disastrous war -- it's hard for me to figure who they'll like this time -- and
maybe I'll just beg off this question.

Regarding the second -- I would have to pick Hilary Clinton -- because she's already spent 8 years in the White House -- she knows that job -- she knows who can work with her - and she's even spent some time as a political leader rather than just the wife of one.

So I've got to pick Hilary -- even though I find Barack Obama more appealing as a personality -- and as symbol of America's long climb out of racism.

(and maybe the next time around -- she actually will be able to reform American health care -- an issue that hangs over my un-insurable life like the Sword of Damocles)