Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Other candidates - Nov. 2008

U.S. Senate:

Dick Durbin: I've always liked this guy - a downstate Democrat - the proper heir to Paul Simon. Though I wish he were - um -- a little more of an original maverick. And I wish his website would be more informative about what he's done rather than what pie-in-the-sky he's going to advocate.

Steve Sauerberg: Why is this career physician running for U.S. Senate? Because no serious Republican contenders could be found? BTW -- as a physician -- what has he ever done to expand health care beyond those who are insured ? Since he mentions nothing about that on his website -- we can assume the answer is that he has done nothing.


U.S. House of Representatives 7th District:

Danny Davis: Is there any reason to consider him anything other than a Chicago machine politician?

Steve Miller: But what kind of a candidate is this? What has been his public service to date? "Currently involved with the Skinner Park Advisory committee to develop a safe tax-free, self managed dog park for nearly 2,500 resident pets"
This guy is a joke.


Rep. In State Gen. Assembly :

Karen A. Yarbrough -- running unopposed.

(this is not the way a democracy should function -- once again the Republican party is too narrow to run a credible candidate in my district)

Water Reclamation Commissioner:

Avila seems to be the most qualified -- while this seems like the perfect job for people from the Green party -- so that's how I'll vote it: Avila, Ailes, Bogolub


States Attorney:

I can see no reason to vote for a Democratic state's attorney in a county run by Democrats -- so I've got to vote for Peraica

Judicial retention:

Here's the ones that were declared unrecommended by the Bar Association:

Anthony Lynn Burrell
Evelyn B. Clay
Vanessa A. Hopkins
Casandra Lewis

plus this one who was dissed by the Tribune and Chicago Council of Lawyers:
Edward Pietrucha

None of them has chosen to respond to that opinion on the internet - so I'm going to have to go with it.


Illinois state constitutional convention:

No -- I don't care for a procedure to impeach the governor - and I'm not hearing a lot of excitement for any other proposal. So -- maybe it's best to leave the state constitution alone for another 20 years.


Countywide referendum on procedures to recall an elected state official: -- that's what elections are for -- this referendum just looks like political nonsense