Saturday, January 19, 2008

Democratic Primary February 2008

*U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District: Danny Davis (incumbent) vs. Robert Dallas.

Looking at Danny Davis on "On the Issues" website -- I'm not desperate to see him retire. (though I do wish he had voted on behalf of voucher school programs)

But regarding Robert Dallas -- why doesn't this man have a website ? Why would he expect anyone to vote for him ? I guess he just wants to make his name more familiar for future races -- but this seems to be a rather cynical abuse of the electoral system. If he has a reason to run this time --he should tell us -- otherwise, he shouldn't run. So I probably will remember his name --but not in a positive sense.

*Metropolitan Water Reclamation District:

Cook County Democratic Party endorses: Kathleen Meany, Frank Avila, Dan Maragos
Chicago Tribune endorses: Mariyana Spyropoulos, Derrick Stinson, Frank Avila

Why would anyone vote for those endorsed by the local Democratic party -- unless one is a loyal member ? So I'll vote against their candidates -- except for Frank Avila -- since he appears to be the only candidate who's an expert on the subject. The other two endorsed by the Tribune seem reasonable enough (reading their statments linked to the Board of Elections site) -- and the other candidates show nothing special to recommend them - i.e. no special expertise, no special ideas.

So -- I'm going with Mariyana Spyropoulos, Derrick Stinson, and Frank Avila

*Cook County Recorder of Deeds: Eugene Moore (incumbent) vs. Ed Smith.

I'm afraid that everything I've heard about Eugene Moore is negative -- as a player in the kind of county politics that rewards loyalty and punishes real public service.
(He's repeatedly listed as being the patron of the kingpins of our pathetic, Proviso District 209 school district)

So in this race -- I would vote for a horse instead of him.

*Cook County State's Attorney:

Thanks to the this wonderful site, presented by the Chicago Tribune, we get see a candidate forum.

Why aren't all candidate forums put up on the internet ?

It looks like the black and white candidates are split over whether the public needs to be protected more from the criminals or from the law enforcement system -- and it's probably a bit of both. But Larry Suffredin seems to be the candidate most concerned with running the office effectively/efficiently.

And yet -- there's his career as a lobbyist for casino and tobacco interests (as reported in the Tribune editorial that preferred to endorse Tom Allen) Is that the only way he could pay the bills ? This just doesn't look like the career of a devoted public servant.

Tom Allen has the personality of a dead fish -- but maybe I'll vote for him anyway -- at least his presentation was simple and direct.

(other contests to be discussed later)