Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 April Proviso Township

This is an under-the-radar election -- the kind that usually belongs to the political organization that can turn out the votes of county employees.

This year the Cook County Democratic Party, will be trying to re-gain control of the District 209 school board that was run for so many years by Chris Welch, currently a state representative.

In the last election, a group of concerned citizens managed to take that control away from them.

Hopefully enough non-party voters will turn out in on April 4 to keep it that way.

Link to Proviso Together     (look here for links to relevant newspaper accounts of district 290 problems)

Link to Proviso First (look here for candidates dressed in team colors.  I think they missed the point - they're applying to run a school district, not be enrolled as students)

Team Rauner?  If any Proviso Together candidate had ever endorsed Rauner - or vice-versa - I'm sure this flyer would have mentioned it.


Here's Rauner again -- this time as the big, bad boogey man.  This would be funny - if it weren't a sad commentary on the cognitive faculties of  Proviso voters at which it is aimed.

What's also sad is this campaign broadside by Kevin McDermott - who used to be an active school board reformer.  One might notice the absence of both names and verification in his attacks on his former allies.  Apparently his ego got in the way of his community service.  That happens a lot in politics at every level - one might call it an occupational hazard.

Here are some of the newspaper accounts of his altercations at the board meetings:

here , here , and here

He may have had some legitimate beefs with Theresa Kelly - but at some point both of them should have recognized that they could accomplish more by resigning.

And here's someone else who could do more good, at this point in his long career, by resigning.

There is no better argument for the privatization of education than the heavy hand of county politics as exemplified by the candidates whom he is loyally supporting.

Commissioner, Forest Park Park District

6 Year Term, Vote For 2

Not much to go on here -- but Sansone declined to be interviewed by the local paper which has, so far, provided the only online information about the election.  Why would he do that? I will vote for the other two.

Candidate Name Party Ballot #
Roy J. Sansone Nonpartisan

Andrew W. Johnson Nonpartisan

112 yes
Cathleen M. McDermott Nonpartisan

113 yes

Board Member, Proviso Township High School District 209
4 Year Term, Vote For 4

Candidate Name Party Ballot #
Daniel J. Adams Nonpartisan

Teresa D. McKelvy Nonpartisan

Samuel Valtierrez Nonpartisan

Amanda J. Grant Nonpartisan

Arbdella 'Della' Patterson Nonpartisan

Rodney Alexander Nonpartisan

Jacqueline M. Walton Nonpartisan

Brian M. Cross Nonpartisan


Trustee, Triton Community College District 504 (Unexpired Term)

2 Year Term, Vote For 1

Candidate Name Party Ballot #
Jay Reyes Nonpartisan


Trustee, Triton Community College District 504

6 Year Term, Vote For 2

Candidate Name Party Ballot #
Elizabeth Ann Potter Nonpartisan

Donna Leoni Peluso Nonpartisan


Trustee, Proviso Township Trustees of Schools, Township 39N, Range 12E

6 Year Term, Vote For 1

Candidate Name Party Ballot #
Kerry M. Luciano Nonpartisan


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